Plasma Cutting Machine 1530

Plasma Cutting Machine 1530
Product Details

plasma cutting machine  1530


1.Imported guide rail, double four ball slider, heavy loading capability, smooth operation, high precision, long life.

2.High-speed stepper motor and driver, Yaxis using a dualmotor drive,to make highspeed operation up to 20 meters above the blank line speed, with the high power spindle can greatly enhance the carving speed more .

3.whole steel structure, high temperature tempering after welding to eliminate the stress treatment, distortion free, strong and lone life.

4.The plasma with high cutting speed, high precision, small slit, neat. Under traditional CNC system ,improved control method of cutting,avoid the secondary processing.

5.During the plasma is cutting,if the torch of plasma break at any point ,take the torch out of the machine, adjust the torch, then the torch will automatically return to break points

6.Plasma can be automatically increased functionality, automatic ignition function, during working time, can be arbitrary adjust the speed up and down, but with stable performance.

7.Using advanced domestic CNC control system, compatible with type3/Artcam/Castmate / Wentai and a variety of CAD / CAM DesignSoftware

Performance Characteristic



Working Area(X*Y)


Machine Structure


X Y Guide Rail

Square Rail

X Y Transmission

Imported Rack gears

X\Y\Z Axis Driver

Stepper Motor

Control System


Working Dictate

G Code

Cutting thickness


Plasma Generator

60- 200A Power Generator

Cutting Speed


Document Transmission Form

USB Interface

Working Form

Untouched Arc Striking

Working Voltage

3-Phase 380V



Packing Size

15.63 CBM


Configured with Taiwan servo speed reducing device

Working sample