What Is Stone Cutting Machine

1.  of multi-level multi-blade stone cutting machine, cutter group stage conveyance unit in stone and placed in the rack on the set of fixed cutter positioned between the guide plate; cutter group consists of motor, belt, knife shaft, cutting knives composition, fixed on the cutter blade shaft. This stone cutting machine for cutting stone respectively different depths, may be less than 1m3 stone following processing, turning waste into treasure, significant savings in stone resources, but also help protect the environment. Various types of stone can be mechanical cutting, high processing efficiency, combined with the effective use of a small stone, so that production costs are lower.

2. In the process of machining, sheet metal cutting methods are commonly used in hand-cut, semi-automatic cutting machine and CNC cutting machine. Flexible hand-cut, hand-cut but poor quality, size error, large waste materials, the subsequent processing workload, and poor working conditions, low production efficiency. Semi-automatic cutting machine profile cutting machine, good quality cut the workpiece due to its use of cutting dies, is not suitable for single piece, small batch and large parts cutting. Although other types of semi-automatic cutting machine reduces the labor intensity, but its function is simple, only suitable for some of the more regular shape parts cut. CNC cutting relative manual and semi-automatic cutting mode, it can effectively improve the efficiency of the plate to cut, cut quality, to reduce operator labor intensity. With the development of modern machinery industry, sheet metal cutting requirements for work efficiency and product quality also improved. So the market potential is still very large CNC cutting machine, the market outlook is more