Stainless Steel CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Cutting Speed

1. optimal cutting speed range is selected in accordance with the device instructions or determined experimentally, since the thickness of the material, different materials, and low melting point, thermal conductivity, and the size of the melted surface tension and other factors, the cutting speed corresponding change .

2. When the cutting speed is too low, since the plasma arc cutting at the anode, the arc itself in order to maintain the stability of the anode spots or anode region are bound to find a place to conduct current from the arc in the vicinity of the nearest slit, while the Jets will radial transfer more heat, thus making wider incision, the incision on both sides of the molten material in the bottom edge aggregation and coagulation, formation of dross is not easy to clean up, and the upper edge of the cut due to excessive heating and melting to form a fillet.

3. When the speed is very low, since the incision is too wide, or even extinguish the arc. Thus, good cutting quality and cutting speed are inseparable.

4. stainless steel CNC plasma cutting machine cutting speed can improve moderately improve the quality of the cut, which is slightly narrower cut, the cut surface is smooth, and can reduce the deformation.

5. Cutting too fast so that the cutting line is lower than the energy required to measure, cut seam can not quickly melt jet cutting melt blown off immediately after the formation of a large amount of drag, along with the dross cut, cut surface quality.