Precautions For Non-metallic Laser Cutting Machine

1, fine cutting seam: laser cutting kerf is generally 0.10mm-0.20mm; for example: the leading laser cutting machine in the country's kerf control about 0.15mm

2, smooth cutting surface: cutting surface without laser burr method;

3, small thermal deformation: laser processing laser kerf thin, fast, energy concentrated, so spread to the material being cut on the heat is small, causing deformation of the material is also very small;

4, suitable for the processing of large products: Large-scale production of high cost molds, laser processing without any mold manufacturing, and laser processing to completely avoid the formation of the material when the collapse of the edge, you can significantly reduce the cost of production enterprises Improve product quality

5, very suitable for the development of new products, shorten the development cycle: Once the product drawings formed, the laser processing can be carried out immediately, you can get the new product in kind in the shortest possible time;

6, save material: Laser processing using computer programming, different shapes of products can be set of materials, to maximize the utilization of materials.