Precautions For CNC Milling Machines

1, processing parts, you must close the protective door, are not allowed to head, hand into the protective door, the process is not allowed to open the protective door

2, is strictly forced to beat the control panel, touch the display. Do not tap the table, dividing head, fixture and guide rail

3, is strictly prohibited to open the CNC system control cabinet to watch and touch

4, the operator may not arbitrarily change the machine internal parameters. Internship students may not call or modify other non-self-compiled programs

5, machine control computer, in addition to program operation and transmission and copy of the program, not allowed for other operations

6, prohibit hand contact with the tip and iron, iron scraps must use iron hook or brush to clean up

7, prohibit the use of hand or any other means of contact with the rotation of the spindle, the workpiece or other sports parts

8, prohibit the processing of the workpiece during the measurement, manual speed, but can not use cotton wire to wipe the workpiece, can not clean the machine;

9, if the machine does not use days, then every day should NC and CRT part of the power 2-3 hours

10, shut down, wait for the spindle to stop after 3 minutes before shutting down