Laser Cutting Machine Is A Leap Forward In The Development Of Laser

In the case of laser is theoretical preparation and production practices urgently needed background came into being, it is a metal laser cutting machine arrives, it quickly gained extraordinary development, the development of not only the old laser optical science and technology gained a new life, and lead to a whole new industry. Laser enable people to effectively use unprecedented advanced methods and means to get an unprecedented benefits and outcomes, so as to promote the development of productive forces.

Strengthen the supply chain upstream and downstream enterprises in close contact, forming a concentration with a strong competitive CNC cutting machine business district, for some metal laser cutting machine merchants and businesses to enhance their competitiveness and expand market share, has an important significance.

The original Chinese name of laser called "Laser", "LAISAI", its English transliteration of the name LASER is an acronym from the English Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation each word's first letter thereof. Meaning "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission" laser principle. 1964, according to China's famous scientist Qian proposed that "light by stimulated emission of radiation" was renamed "laser."