How To Repair And Maintenance Of CNC Cutting Machine

1, the mechanical part of the repair and maintenance

Once a week to clean up dust and dirt inside the machine, all electrical cabinet should be tightly closed and dust.

Guide rails should always clean and remove dust and other debris, the rack should always wipe, add oil to ensure lubrication without debris.

Always check the verticality and straightness track machine, we found abnormal timely maintenance of debugging.

2, repair and maintenance of gas path portion

(1) air system maintenance

Always check the gas system, leak and found not working parts should be in time to ensure the smooth flow of the gas path.

Gas line should always wiping dust and debris, to prevent premature aging gas line.

(2) valve maintenance. Adjust pressure reducer, manometer transferred required pressure, the pressure adjustment process should be small to large, to ensure the regulator can be adjusted continuously. If it can not continuously adjustable or gas leaks from the safety valve must be replaced with new pressure reducer. Self-loading off the gas pressure reducer parts, will cause damage to the equipment, or even serious injury.

(3) torch cutting nozzle to prevent tempering maintenance

Torch using professional manufacturers of machine torch, torch long-term use, the sealing surface is damaged, the cutting nozzle Mifengbuyan, must be repaired with a special tool.

Torch also a professional manufacturers of standard fast cutting nozzle, cutting nozzle for new, qualified only have to use the inspection.

Cutting nozzle contaminated required for cleaning tools preheat flame hole and cutting oxygen channel.

(4) to prevent tempering is important to ensure the safety of members, according to the requirements of the security sector, to prevent tempering the unauthorized removal. Therefore, to prevent tempering after long use air resistance, can not guarantee or leak gas flow requirements, please professionals must be replaced.