Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Supplies Analysis

Domestic Desktop CNC cutting machine plasma power used mostly for manual cutting and cutting machine with the trolley. Allocated for the various types of plasma power desktop CNC plasma cutting machine on not many similar foreign products are occupies a very high proportion. Less stable compared with foreign products, our plasma power, the high failure rate, electrode, nozzle, swirl ring and other parts of the processing accuracy is not high, resulting in a shorter service life of wearing parts plasma.

In the industry, due to the mechanism of theoretical research and production practice to convert the lack of plasma cutting, so the development of new products fast enough, the use of new technology is not widely used. Restricting the plasma cutting technology, further development and use. Currently, the country has not been relevant information about the research and development of precision plasma power supply.

In recent years, China-made desktop CNC cutting machine plasma power has been greatly developed. SCR power inverter is gradually to replace the original anti-plasma leakage power. At present relatively complete product specifications, especially in the high-power plasma power, in recent years a great breakthrough.