Desktop CNC Cutting Machine To Increase The Arc Voltage Output Effect Analysis

Desktop CNC cutting machine as the current high-speed plasma cutting applications on behalf of models, with a cutting speed transmission characteristics, and based on two-axis coordinate positioning system planar cutting in volatility for the board, especially the sheet cutting process there is obviously insufficient, as a substitute here we will introduce three-axis coordinate system arc voltage control to meet the cutting process due to the difference in height plate surface caused by the torch Z axis adjustment.

Specifically, it is a desktop CNC cutting machine processing work, with respect to the plasma arc cutting current output requirements will directly determine the final cut quality results, usually in the business of CNC cutting machine use, conditioner plasma current power play affect the size of the actual cutting process of cutting a workpiece cutting quality is critical, the thickness of the barrier, there is a corresponding current regulation, only a skilled master of the current adjustment operation, in order to correct use of plasma cutting machine to achieve the best cutting effect.