CNC Cutting Machine Using Anti-collision Devices

For example, the shape of the steel sheet will occur small changes during the cutting process and cutting surface is not very neat ping etc., which are not immediately in the first time to make policy adjustments to implement torch height or stop walking, but rather due to the cutting tip contacts to the plate surface appears broken arc off the fire and so on, there will be severe and even torch collision. Especially in the use of plasma cutting, because of its cutting speed is too fast, the gun hit probability will be even higher.

For the issues raised above, there are two main solutions: One way is to CNC cutting machine cutting torch to increase the installation of automatic control system, this is done in order to allow the torch during cutting, cutting surface condition can follow automatically adjust the height to protect the torch at the same time improve the cutting effect.

Another method is to crash the cutting torch assembly configuration, the device uses a magnetic force adsorption technology, in the cutting torch fixed to ensure a solid at the same time be able to have better stability, when the uneven surface of the sheet being neat or have the gun hit the condition occurs, the magnetic force is not absorbed all mandatory immobility will automatically change the angle of the torch and arc breaking a ceasefire to avoid greater losses.