Plasma cutting machine processing quality evaluation criteria

1. The width of the cut it is one of the most important features of the evaluation of the quality of cutting machine, cutting machine can cut also reflects the minimum radius of the circle size. It is based on the size of the incision measured at its widest point, most of the plasma cutting machine incision width of 0.15 ~ 6.0 mm. Impact of: a. Not too wide incision will waste materials will reduce the cutting speed and increase energy consumption; b. The main nozzle aperture width of the incision, generally the total kerf width larger pore size than the nozzle 10% ~ 40%; c. When cutting thickness increases, often need to use a larger nozzle diameter, the cut will subsequently widened; d. Incision width increases, will increase the amount of deformation of the cutting member.

2. The surface roughness of it is used to describe the appearance of the cut surface of the criteria for determining whether to require reprocessing after cutting, the cutting depth is measured Ra value of 2/3 of the cross section. Since cutting the airflow effect produce results longitudinal vibrations in the cutting direction forward, mainly form the cutting corrugated. General requirements for surface roughness after cutting oxyacetylene Law: Class 1 Ra≤30μm, level 2 Ra≤50μm, Level 3 Ra≤100μ m. Notches of plasma arc cutting Ra value generally exceeds the level of flame cutting, laser incision Ra value but less than (less than 50μ m).