Manual cutting method is simple, safe

Use the manual tile cutting machine is very simple and safe, even if not once used, can still learn within 2 minutes. Cut a long amount of time to complete a uniform pull. And cutting tiles process error can be controlled in 0.5 mm.

But it cuts the time to pay attention Oh step. First, open the free foot, tighten the nut; the need to cut a good tune-foot pole size, confirmed by hand tighten fixing screws; put the tiles on the platform; when cut, the first push rod is pulled to the rear end, so Gently press the blade on top of the tile along the spindle pushed forward to the front along the control groove Kennedy, feet resting on the tiles above box, tap at the end of the push-pull handle, ceramic tile can be broken with the marks. Is not it simple? However, it should be noted that in the process of cutting, to be coherent, oh, do not interrupted between off, do not be too hard.