Groove CNC plasma cutting machine configuration and application advantages

The so-called bevel cutting means so that the cutting surface and below the plane of the material exhibits a cutting angle of 90 ° angle in the cutting process, the material to facilitate seamless welding. A cutting different materials, including bevel cutting and pipe beveling flat bevel cutting. Wherein the groove of CNC pipe cutting, need to flame or plasma torch according to the saddle intersecting lines continuously variable bevel; and in flat bevel cutting, in addition to the simple flame cutting torch bevel cutting, the most commonly used the V-shaped groove cut continuously, complete with a groove cut parts nesting and cutting a plurality of different continuous cutting surface angle V-shaped groove. The most complex comprising V, X, Y, K-shaped groove, including the need for twice or three times cutting, complete with a groove part nesting cutting, beveling and continuous cutting different forms.

At present China's steel enterprises cut for flat bevel cutting are generally used CNC cutting machine parts cutting down first, then use the planing machine, beveling robot car cutting machine, or hand-polished manner, after the second or even third processing, in order to complete the welding groove machining, machining process is complicated, labor-intensive, steel waste.