Composition and safety rules stone cutting machine

Chang Sheng Huayang Yongkang Tools Factory is a professional manufacturer of stone cutting machines, the company, we produce the latest stone cutting machine is mainly composed of cutter group, stone carriage positioning guides and racks. Stone cutting machine surface with high hardness and iron production for dry cutting, wet cutting all kinds of stone, building materials, ceramic tile, granite, marble, cement, brick, bricks, etc., is an essential tool for home decoration. Various types of stone can be mechanical cutting, high efficiency, efficient use of a small stone, so that production costs are lower.

To ensure that you have a better and safer to operate this product, please be sure to refer to the regulations for the following actions:

Before the operation, you should put on overalls, with a good anti-eyepiece to prevent dust in your eyes, long hair, then women need to wear her hair coiled up and work hats. Detailed examination of the power knife switch, the tightness of the blade, blade guard or a safety barrier, console must be solid, night work should have adequate lighting. Turn on the main switch, the first no-load test turn a few laps, before start until safety is confirmed.