CNC plasma cutting machine Power Filter

CNC plasma cutting machine high frequency arc starting cutting mode, there is a risk that some interference in the civilian aspects of the use of cutting, the application from the device's own point of view, how to reduce the disturbance to the CNC plasma cutting machine using stability is a key, currently many domestic CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturers have started to develop a variety of supporting measures to reduce the plasma power interference, including CNC plasma cutting machine power filter is the one type of effective response measures.

CNC plasma cutting machine power filter is an indispensable element of interference in the high frequency and low frequency interference suppression have beneficial properties. Caution should be used are:

1. CNC plasma cutting machine filter should be installed on the surface of a conductive metal, or a grounding strap connected by weaving the ground;

2. The mounting position of the filter should be as close to the power line at the entrance;

3. The input and output filters best use shielded or twisted;

4. To avoid belong and CNC plasma cutting machine output line coupled to each other, the absolute prohibition of input and output lines bundled together to use shielded cable.

Above we briefly as we explain a bit CNC plasma cutting machine mains filter in use should pay attention to the details, of course, in order to effectively reduce high frequency interference CNC plasma cutting machine, we can also take some other complementary measures to achieve, in this aspect we will be described in detail later in the article related art.