CNC Plasma Cutting Machine five issue summary

In using plasma cutting finished material feed applications, cutting machine for CNC plasma need to use integration issues and factors that five aspects, which involves the use of environmental equipment, control systems and software applications, the gas pressure is set, the torch of use operation and CNC plasma cutting machine equipment maintenance and maintenance. In the recent past the Eternal Flame intelligence service cases more than a decade of experience, we believe, more than nearly 90% of the sale failures are concentrated in the above-mentioned five aspects, of course, we do not ignore the quality of this device, but from a more wide perspective, cutting machine CNC plasma for use, the lessons learned how to do these five issues and the use of standardized, would be more effective to reduce equipment failure.

First, CNC plasma cutting machine environment

CNC plasma cutting machine is a high-tech electromechanical integration equipment, but also the completion of the initial process equipment material cutting, taking into account the current domestic enterprises is generally working environment and the actual situation, we can not ask for CNC plasma cutting machine equipment use environment a relatively rigid requirements, but we also need to point out the cutting process of the formation of large quantities of metal dust and fumes will inevitably equipment and operating personnel forming harm, so I hope that enterprises can based on whatever the CNC plasma cutting machine, the machine's environment It can be improved, specifically from the following aspects:

1. Use three-core power to ensure a good grounding engraving machine, to reduce interference.

2. Avoid strong electric, magnetic and other serious impact engraving machine signal transmission equipment. Such as: welding machine, launch tower.

4. Stable voltage requirements, avoid large fluctuations, it is best to use the regulator.